This site is dedicated to my dog, Kuja, and the times I had with her. Along with other things this is part of my healing :)..... As you can probably tell from the way I am writing this Kuja has passed away. She died on the 13th of July, she had fallen in the pool and the consensus is that she did this by choice as she was a little tired.... OK EXHAUSTED....

Towards the end Kuja was always willing to give a kiss here and there but you could tell that even that was a labored task and that she was struggling to do that at times. It was hard to take care of her coming home to a dog that was no longer my Kuja. I saw her in a form that I would wish NO ONE would have to see their babies.

I am leaving the forum up and dedicating more time to the k9cf now that Kuja has passed and I have had time to heal.


This Site is dedicated to Kuja, my dog. She is now 13 and has been with me the entire time. She was recently diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in September of 2004. She has since gone into Remission in Late November 2004 and not come out. I have decided to dedicate this site not only to her but also sort of a resource site for people like me who were overburdened with this stuff in the early stages. The reality is that Cancer claims most dogs’ lives and its something that is hard to accept. There is a small percentage that lives beyond the chemo and come out of it completely. But please do not kid yourself it's a LONG and hard process, and also remember that chemo docs are very optimistic and keeping a dog alive and out of pain is a win for them, while it may not be for you. I know this sounds pessimistic but it's something I am glad I had someone to point out in my life instead of hanging to false hopes. BY NO MEANS AM I SAYING GIVE UP! On the contrary I believe firmly that my faith in God (prayers), my love for my dog, and most of all my optimistic outlook on the situation was the KEY. Without this confident attitude that Kuja was going to kick the shit out of this cancer” I do not believe that she would have gone into remission.

Kuja has been a tremendous life partner; I don't mean that in a demented way but rather in a very positive way. That welcome home dad look, is incredible. Dog lovers know what I am talking about. When cancer/the lumps came I knew it was a no-brainer and it was ONLY a matter of how the hell I can afford it. Luckily I had insurance, WHAO was this a blessing! Without this I am not sure what I would have done. I would recommend that all dog daddy's and mommy's get this so that they can rest a little better @ night.

This dog is special as all our friends are and without her I do not know what I will do, however I can rest assured that I have been the best possible dad that I could have been and will be, and I will NEVER give up on her. Kuja is a shining example to all of us that face adversary and the ones that face it with them. If we face things head on and DON'T worry about them then we are 10000 times more likely to fight them off.

It is for these reasons I have decided to create a foundation that will allow me to help others who have had this happen to them and allow them to provide the kind of treatment that they would have otherwise been financially unable to provide. More information to come.